Unis are going to ban freshers from having parties and overnight visitors

Literally what’s the point in going?

A number of universities are planning on banning flat parties and sleepovers in order to stay within social distancing guidelines.

UCL,Cambridge and Aberystwyth are among some of the unis who have already given specific guidelines on what students can expect in September. And it includes a lot of virtual Freshers’ events and applying for guests to spend the night. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually have my one night stands fill out an application form.

UCL has already stated all Freshers’ events will have to be held virtually and social gatherings won’t be allowed in halls.

On their website they say: “there is a host of activities and events that you can get involved with as a community in a digital format.”

Cambridge will ask students to apply for visitors and Aberystwyth has banned overnight visitors completely.

There are currently talks about many universities imposing a bubble scheme in which you socialise with the people you’re living with or as Leeds Beckett University is looking at – living with the people who study the same course as you.

It’s unclear if this means you’ll be able to have parties in your flat with this specific group of people. No parties and no sex, unless you shag your flatmate. Honestly, what is the point in going to uni at all this year?

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