The Kissing Booth 3 is confirmed and has already been filmed in secret!


The Kissing Booth 2 was released last Friday and has already shot to number one on Netflix, inflicting dreams of Dance Dance Nation competitions and Marco Valentin Peña on people everywhere. The movie finishes with a big ol’ cliffhanger, whether Elle intends to go to Harvard or Berkeley, which naturally left people asking: Is there a Kissing Booth 3 in the works?

The answer is: yes and no. Yes, there’s going to be a kissing booth 3. No, it’s not in the works because they ALREADY FILMED IT. That’s right!!! Somehow the Netflix Gods foresaw a global pandemic and so filmed the Kissing Booth sequel and threequel back to back like a DJ set. Here’s everything we know about The Kissing Booth 3 so far, including the plot, release date, if it’s based on a Kissing Booth 3 book (like others) and most importantly… is Marco in it?

What is the plot of The Kissing Booth 3?

So Joey King (real-life Elle) shared a TikTok this weekend which was a sneak peek of, you guessed it, Kissing Booth 3. It shows Elle and Noah chilling by the pool with Lee and Rachel, only for Elle to be called by the Harvard admissions office (a number which she conveniently has saved in her phone so the name appears. Handy) and play it off, then goes to have sex with Noah. From this, we can gauge the general plot of the threequel is going to be: Do I pick Harvard or Berkeley? God, I love Noah. But do I pick Harvard or Berkeley?

Hopefully they don’t make us sit through YET ANOTHER “will they, won’t they?” with Elle and Noah and instead focus on the uni storyline or perhaps other characters tumultuous love lives (please make it Marco and not Lee/Rachel, I cannot be arsed to watch them fight for another two hours). But we can only hope.

When is the third movie being released?

According to the sneak peek it’s set for 2021, so next year. Netflix have been sneaky though, and not revealed an actual month or date for 2021, leaving that up to interpretation. If it were following the usual Kissing Booth release pattern it would come out in the summer (The Kissing Booth 1 came out in May 2018, The Kissing Booth 2 came out July 2020) but it seems they’re speeding things up this time. Not only is there a significantly smaller gap (they made us wait TWO YEARS for KB2!!! Two years!), Netflix seem to be aware of the cravings for content in our quarantine crazed state, so it could be even earlier than Summer 2021.

More importantly: is Marco going to be in The Kissing Booth 3?

Marco isn’t in the sneak peek clip that Joey King uploaded to TikTok but there may still be hope for him appearing in the next movie. Cast your mind back to The Kissing Booth 2, which you probably watched in the grand ol’ days of… uh, yesterday… and think to the last scene with Marco. His unnamed hunky male mate says to him while he watches Elle: “Come on man, she’s not worth it.” To which Marco says “She is.”

The Kissing Booth producers know what they are doing and they also know the unquenchable thirst for Netflix hotties like no other, so there’s a high chance this was the hidden clue hinting to Marco’s return in The Kissing Booth 3. My bets are one him reappearing halfway through only to end up with Chloe (fit Harvard “other woman” in KB2) because that is a good pairing.

Wait, aren’t the movies based on a book? So is there a Kissing Booth 3 book?

YES. So there are currently two Kissing Booth books written by Beth Reekles, but she hasn’t written a third. This is why we have limited info about the plot, including a true cliff hanger in the form of whether Elle picks Harvard or Berkeley. There is no The Kissing Booth 3 book yet, so Reekles is either going to have to release one real soon or perhaps decide to skip the middle man and write the plot straight out as the third movie. We’ll have to wait and see.

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