Do you even speak properly? Take this pronunciation quiz to find out

Well this is embarrassing

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve said a word and the person you’re with has looked back at you in complete dismay? Or even outright laughed at your attempt to say it? Ah, the shame. Well get ready to feel those levels of seen all over again in the following pronunciation quiz, which will truly test the way you speak.

Some words look simple, and you might be sure you’ve been saying them right your entire life. But it turns out, you really haven’t. It’s pretty embarrassing. Find out for sure just how good your basic pronunciation is in the quiz below. Are you striving for received pronunciation that the Queen would be proud of? Or is the way you speak so confusing not even your closest friends and family have any idea what you’re on about half the time?

You’ll see a series of words and all you have to do is click on the option which is the correct way of saying it. Easy. Unless you’re from Birmingham or Liverpool, sorry.

Find out how well you actually speak in this pronunciation quiz:

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