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Quiz: How well do you remember Clueless, 25 years on?

As IF you’re going to get full marks

Can you believe that Clueless was released 25 years ago?! It feels like just yesterday we were all totally buggin’ over Cher and her timeless outfits. But yes, the iconic teen movie has been around for a quarter of a century. Amy Heckerling’s high school drama classic was released in July of 1995 – and this trivia quiz is going to test how well remember Clueless after all the years.

Could you name every Cher outfit in order of when they appeared? Have you pretty much got the film soundtrack engrained on your brain? Is your personal vocabulary just a encyclopaedia of Clueless-isms that nobody else really understands? Are you still not over that first scene where Christian walks into class? Well now is your time to shine.

Find out how well you remember Clueless, in this trivia quiz:

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