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QUIZ: Which Derry Girls adult are you?

Give me Sister Michael or give me death

We spend a lot of time gassing up the main Derry Girls – Orla’s wild antics, Clare being a gay icon turned basket case, James being a big joke – but the unsung heroes of the series are the adults. Where would we be without Aunt Sarah, slow talking Colm or SISTER MICHAEL? Truly. A world without her is not a world I want to exist in.

It’s time we give the OGs and oldies some clout of their own. That’s right, it’s time to find out which Derry Girls adult you are. Too long have we neglected a Derry Girls quiz with the adults, and now’s their time to shine. We are about to rock the boat, ladies and gents. Awk – take the quiz will ya?

Take the Derry Girls quiz to find out which adult you are:

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