Meet Darin Olien, Zac Efron’s mate and cohost of Netflix’s Down to Earth

He’s v successful

Although the show was at times pretty disappointing, there were still some very curious features of the series including resident vegan and sustainability nerd Darin Olien – nah, we not spelling Darren the ordinary way here! If you don’t have the option to skip the intro on Netflix, whether that’s putting it up on your TV or not being arsed to reach your laptop, you’ll probably be pretty well acquainted with Darin from watching the intro on repeat – “He wrote the book on the topic, quite literally!” HAHAHA

But who actually is Darin? We get little tidbits about him throughout the series, but there’s not a huge amount we learn about his personal life or past achievements. So, let’s go through a couple of interesting facts about the life of Zac Efron’s cohost.

He founded Shakeology

Although his website refers to him as a “widely recognized exotic superfoods hunter, supplement formulator”, it was with his business ventures that he made his money. When Darin was 38 he founded Shakeology which, according to beachbodyondemand, is “a nutrient-dense superfood protein shake that’s formulated with globally harvested ingredients that supply phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, fiber, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals.”

This, along with his various book releases and other pursuits, could earn him up to $200,000 a year according to Reality Titbit, which is pretty impressive.

He was married to Eliza Coupe from Scrubs

From 2014 to 2018, Darin was married to Eliza Coupe, an actress that has appeared in Scrubs as well as Anchorman 2. The couple had no children together, and there is no information on if Darin currently has a partner, but judging from the constant Instagram photos of his dog, we’ll guess no.

He is 50 in November

Darin is pretty ripped for a 49-year-old and is due to turn 50 on November 4th of 2020, which is quite impressive! You’d like to think that he’ll be having some big celebrations, but if his birthday party on the Down to Earth series was anything to go by there’s going to have to be some convincing.

Darin executive produced the series

If you thought Darin was just making up his love of all things worldly for the cameras (like Zac Efron maaaaay have been) then you’d be wrong, for he was an executive producer on the film. Although this can often be a little trick to grab a bit more money by taking on two roles, we’ll assume it’s because he has plentiful expertise in the area.

Zac heard Darin on a podcast and asked to meet him

According to Radio Times, Zac reached out to Darin after he listened to him on Rich Roll’s podcast. They arranged to go for lunch together, and their “worlds joined for this show”.

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