PLT is selling face masks with literal holes in them

Pandemic, but make it fashun x

You may have thought face masks weren’t the most stylish of accessories to wear, but don’t worry – PLT and other fashion brands are one step ahead and have brought out their own fashion masks! Whilst none of these masks are actually intended to stop the spread of coronavirus, it does make you wonder why PLT thought a pandemic was the right time to push face masks with holes in them. If you don’t think the idea is ridiculous enough yet, it’s not just PLT making face masks with holes in them.

Here are some of the most ridiculous face masks you can buy:


If you don’t want to protect yourself against coronavirus at all, then this face mask may be the one for you. While it literally offers zero protection and does not function as a face mask at all, at least it has diamantes right?

Whilst it seems that PLT have take the fishnet mask off their website they are still selling another type of diamante face mask and they state this face mask is intended for fashion purposes.

I Saw It First

In keeping with offering you no protection, I Saw It First are selling a gold diamante face mask – at least you’ll look mega glam whilst doing your weekly food shop. Once again, there are holes in the face mask and it doesn’t even wrap round over your chin. In all fairness to I Saw It First, they do state on their website “these face masks are for fashion only and not PPE” but you have got to wonder did anyone ever think they were PPE?

Unfortunately, these face masks are currently out of stock on the website.


In a completely different take on face masks with holes in them, Etsy have a whole section for straw masks. Loads of Etsy sellers are selling masks which have a section that have be lifted up to reveal a straw hole – clearly a necessary invention.

These masks seem to actually offer protection and maybe if you drink through straws constantly they are a helpful alternative to the ordinary face mask.

Via Etsy

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal have also hopped on the diamante, no-protection, barely-there face mask trend. They actually offer these masks in four different colours so you can really colour coordinate with whatever outfit you’re wearing that day. These also seem to be smaller than the I Saw It First diamante face masks so if you don’t feel like being too boujee these could be the ones for you.

Once again, Nasty Gal admits these face masks are for fashion purposes and should not be used as a form of PPE.

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