Sorry, but Zac Efron’s new Netflix show is anything but rad

I can’t hear “stoked” again

Zac Efron. In a travel documentary. Discussing issues that our generation are more passionate about than ever. On Netflix.

It really is a combination of other-worldly proportion… at least it should be. In reality, we just collectively got so severely punk’d by Netflix that we should consider starting some sort of petition to try and get reimbursement of our subscription for the month of July.

I mean really, I can’t be the only one that found this show a massive let down – what should’ve been a super entertaining documentary series is instead a huge bore-fest full of dull facts that nobody cares about. In fact, I’m convinced that the only reason people are enjoying it is because of their unending lust over the bloke. Well, here’s every reason why Down to Earth is the biggest disappointment on Netflix.

The voiceover is suuuuuper cringe

Zac doesn’t do a terrible job with the half-sexy-half-informative narration, and it does get better throughout, but the scriptwriter really deserves to get the sack.

The most offensive part has to be when they’re tasting chocolate, and in the most “I think this is slick” voice he goes: “Well, you know what they say – Oompa Loompa, doompedy doo.” UGHHH STOP NOW!!!

In fact, most of the stuff that Zac says is completely no bueno

“I’m so lit on chocolate right now!”

There are far too many teenage mannerisms for a 32 and 41-year-old

“Sick!” – “Rad!” – “Gnarly” – “So stoked”

Darin especially should act his age

He’s a frat bro without the beer bongs and fun. It should be a wholesome father and son type vibe with Zac but instead ends up just being two kids hanging out and eating vegan food.

Zac clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about a lot of the time

He’s been given all these buzz words and facts that he doesn’t understand and we don’t care about. I mean – negative IONS in water – do you really know and care about this?!

This is clearly Darin’s show

Zac is just going along for the ride as he leaves Darin to deal with most of the difficult stuff like talking to people, explaining things and actually knowing what he’s talking about.

Why does no one talk to the camera?

It seems pretty obvious that they’ve done this because Zac isn’t a natural presenter and doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, but it ends up feeling pretty disconnected when everything we’re learning is from voiceover as opposed to an actual face.

We wanted escapism, we got the boring side of sustainability

The first episode takes us to a decidedly cold and depressing Iceland, and from then on we are taken on a journey that relies too much on being informative as opposed to entertained.

Could they not do a few more fun activities?

There are occasional injections of fun such as when they go sandboarding, but on the whole it doesn’t seem like they even had that much fun – this is obvious by the fact that there’s hardly any joking, laughter and smiling between the two.

They should’ve tried ayahuasca with the spiritual healers, or gone out for some pints with the locals to get to know the place a bit better. Instead, everything is very regimented and comfortable.

The show would be 10 times more enjoyable watched on mute

I mean, aren’t we just here for the visuals?

Zac and Darin are a liiiiil bit hypocritical when it comes to the environment

Look, I know it would be almost impossible to make this series without planes, cars and boats, and I’m not suggesting they go full Greta Thunberg, but it is quite funny seeing them hark on about how the world is dying and then hop on a jet.

Look up Zac Efron plane on google and you’ll find various photos of this mf on private jets and in first class.

There is some VERY unsubtle promotion for Hilton hotels

Really? Does every episode have to have a sweeping drone shot of a Hilton hotel? I’d put money on Zac and Mr Vegan staying in the five-star hotel next door.

The whole structure of the series is weirdly put together

Is it the editing? Has the producer got something to answer for? Whoever is at fault, the whole thing is oddly disjointed at times.

One minute we’re enjoying a ride in a rickshaw, the next Darin’s house has been burnt to the ground in some wildfires and they have an emotional chat. But then a few minutes later Zac is served a plate of witchety grubs.

Or how about Zac looking quite drastically different with every different episode? It literally flashes between him having a huge beard and being clean-shaven which is neither cash money or chronological.

You only watched it because of Zac Efron

And he doesn’t even get his top off that often.

It is a meagre offering when compared to other Netflix travel shows

Why waste your time on this when you could be watching Dark Tourist or Conan Without Borders? At least on those shows they look like they’re having a fun time!

They are the most unlikely pairing of people to present a show together

Zac watched one documentary about being healthy and then met Darin for $20-a-pop juices at an LA juice bar before decided to chuck a Netflix series together.


Darin was thrown the lamest birthday party ever

He had a favourite juice which was brought out to celebrate. It was a fully vegan spread. You could read on the crew member’s faces that this was not a good time.

The only fun they had was when they brought a candle out that couldn’t be blown out. Peak of comedy!

Anna Kendrick just… shows up to drink water

Why? WHY????

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