We spoke to the person who made the cakes in the viral ‘everything is cake’ video

She says she’s really happy with all the memes

Toilet paper. Crocs. Any item of fruit. The walls of reality have fallen down and everything is cake now, thanks to the meme taking over Twitter.

By now, you’re probably doubting whether you, too, are a cake. Of course, like any joke, its origins might not be obvious.

Last week, viral food page Tasty posted a video simply titled: “These Are All Cakes”, showing almost anything you can think of being sliced into and revealing a cake-y interior.

Since then, it’s all been cake. Perhaps it always has been.

Here’s the real story behind the cakes in the ‘everything is cake’ memes

But how did we get here? If there’s even the slightest chance we’re all made of cakes, living on a cake planet, shouldn’t we at least wonder where we came from? We tracked down the person behind the crazily realistic cakes in the original video – Turkish cake artist Tuba Geçkil. She told The Tab: “I was so happy” to see all the memes, and how interested people around the world had become in her work.

It takes Tuba a week to make the “Realistic Face Simulating” cakes of actual people, she says, or three days to make the “Realistic 3D” object ones which were the star of the viral vid.

Creating the kind of cakes which inspire existential crises doesn’t come easy – it’s taken Tuba 12 years of hard work to hone her talents.

Some of Tuba’s humanoid cakes include Neymar, a special Jodie Comer (as Vilanelle) cake, and an Angela Merkel lookalike. However, her favourite creation is a faithful cake recreation of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

“No one did work like this before,” Tuba told The Tab.

Tuba’s advice for people wanting to make crazily realistic cakes is simple: “Be a really good observer for what you see around you”.

However, this isn’t the first time her work’s been internationally recognised. Among the awards Tuba’s cakes have won her, she managed to bag four gold medals at the IKA Culinary Olympics, representing Turkey. “When I started this art, I had always aimed to be the best in the world,” she says.

Beyond her unexpected viral success, Tuba’s focus remains solely on dominating the competitive cake-making circuit. I still continue my work to reach my aim to win medals in important contests,” says Tuba. “As well as representing my country in the best way and waving the Turkish flag all over the world proudly.”

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