QUIZ: Order a Wagamama meal and we’ll tell you what your type is

Edamame eaters love soft bois you heard it here first

Wagamama is a sacred temple. From its steamed buns to its free green tea, every part of a Wagamama meal is perfect and calming. Rishi Sunak recently announced that, to munch and help the bunch, we can eat at good ol’ Wagas for half price too! What news. Short of paying NHS workers what they actually deserve, this is the best the government could have given us. Hooray! I’ll be taking that katsu curry with a side of smugness, thank you kind waiter.

We know we all love Wagas, but have you ever stopped to think about how your Wagamama order exhibits your taste in other humans? Ergo, your “type”? No – you probably haven’t. But maybe you should have. You might be sending the wrong signals with that yaki soba and gyoza! Put down that chilli squid, it’s not giving off the right aura for your soulmate! And how are you ever going to find a life partner eating steamed greens!? Anyway, this is something I’ve thought long and hard about – and now you can take the quiz to think short and fast about it (the quiz takes two minutes, just do it):

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