One year later, what are the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle up to now?

A whole load of drama has gone down

Too Hot To Handle only came out exactly a year ago today and so it’s very important we check in on the cast members and see where they are now.

Lockdown obviously put a stop to most of their post Too Hot To Handle influencer plans. However that did not stop a LOT of drama going down. In the last 12 months, there’s been breakups, friendship feuds, clothing lines and trips around the world, and that’s just what Francesca has been up to.

Nearly all the cast seemed to have made a trip to Dubai during the pandemic, they are all doing posts for Fashion Nova and Chloe is now on the latest series of the Circle USA.

The next series of Too Hot To Handle is airing in June on Netflix so in the mean time let’s see what the original cast are up to now:

Francesca Farago

via Instagram @francescafarago

Since Too Hot To Handle Francesca is definitely the most known out of the cast. Fran and Harry announced they were still together, although they did have a break of a few months. They got matching tattoos, Harry proposed with a fake ring – it was all very cute. And then Harry dumped Francesca in June.

Francesca announced the news in a YouTube video and seemed really heartbroken. But she’s killing it work wise. She released a collection with InTheStyle, done loads of sponsored posts and her vegan swimwear range has launched. Randomly Fran went to Dallas and hung out with Damian from Love Is Blind and Dillon Passage from Tiger King. What an odd Netflix crossover.

And then she began dating Demi Sims from TOWIE, the two had a whirlwind romance, holidaying in Mexico during the pandemic and Francesca actually moved from Canada to London to be with Demi.

via Instagram @francescafarago

However the two then broke up this week. In a statement on Instagram Francesca said: “I really didn’t want to have to address this today, but I am already getting attacked on social media so I might as well bite the bullet since I have no choice.

“Demi and I are no longer together. We decided to go our separate ways this morning. Nothing bad happened. We were both loyal to one another and still love each other.”

If that wasn’t enough drama a month ago Francesca denied that she went out partying whilst knowing she had coronavirus, after Haley accused her of doing so. The two both shared a number of screenshots and apparently ended their friendship.

Harry Jowsey

via Instagram @harryjowsey

After Too Hot To Handle, Harry ended things with Francesca for the second time and claimed nothing had happened, he just “fell out of love with her”. Aside from breaking all our hearts Harry has been doing a series of “advice sessions” called the Love Doctor on his Insta stories.

Harry now has a partnership with Fashion Nova and is doing a lot of sponsored posts for BoohooMAN. There was also a rumour at one point that Harry could be the next Australian Bachelor.

He’s currently living in LA and has become with mates with loads of TikTokers including Tana Mongeau and Kylie Jenner’s best friend Stassie.

Haley Cureton

via Instagram @haley.cure

The savage queen from Too Hot To Handle has been doing a lot of sponsored for Fashion Nova during lockdown and set up an OnlyFans account.

Haley had originally accused Harry of only dating Francesca for fame, however during her fight with Francesca a month ago she went back on her statement and accused Francesca of asking her to tell TMZ the things she said about Harry.

Harry shared a video on TikTok of a screen recording of voice notes apparently Haley had sent to someone, in the voice notes she claimed Francesca said she had cheated on Harry when he was with Francesca.


via Instagram @kelechidyke

The accountant has had some drama going on since Too Hot To Handle came out. During the Black Lives Matter protests, Kelz accused his cast mate David for using him as a poster boy during the protests.

David had posted a picture of them together on Instagram and wrote a caption expressing support for BLM. Kelz asked him to take it down, but David deleted Kelz’s comment and eventually took the photo down.

Aside from that he’s been sharing a lot of resources to help BLM, posting a lot of workout videos on Instagram and like many of his co-stars travelled to Dubai during the pandemic.

Chloe Veitch

via Instagram @chloeveitchofficial

Chloe looks like she’s loving life right now. She’s got over a million followers on Instagram and is best mates with Nicole and Lydia. Chloe has also become friends with Chloe Ferry from Geordie Shore.

She’s got a Fashion Nova partnership and even released a collection on her own called “Love Yourself Queen.” Over Christmas she travelled with Nicole to Dubai and lost thousands of Instagram followers whilst out there.

The next biggest update for Chloe is she is currently appearing on Netflix’s The Circle USA.

David Birtwistle

via Instagram @david.birtwistle

Aside from the drama with Kelz, David announced he and Lydia had split up. He said they’re still friends it just wasn’t a romantic vibe.

He said: “Yeah Lydia and I are really close, to be honest, her and I have got a really nice friendship like as far as a romantic thing it didn’t kind of go in that direction.”

David has been doing a lot of workout videos on Instagram and came under fire for breaking lockdown rules to hang out with Nicole in Clapham Common last summer.

He then travelled to Dubai as the UK was going into another lockdown in January as he didn’t want to be “stuck inside”. He’s been there since January and shows no sign of coming back anytime soon.

Lydia Clyma

via Instagram @lydiaclyma

The biggest revelation since the show was Lydia is actually a mum to a four-year-old son. She said she didn’t want to talk about him on the show as she was: “Scared that strangers would judge me, and question my abilities.”

Lydia has done a load of sponsored posts, and also went to Dubai after Christmas for a number of weeks. She’s also been doing a sky diving course, which is pretty cool I guess.

Sharron Townsend

Once Too Hot To Handle aired Sharron announced he and Rhonda had split up. Apparently there’s no drama between them and it simply wasn’t meant to be.

Sharron celebrated his 27th birthday during lockdown and has been using his Instagram to bring more attention to Black Lives Matter.

Rhonda Paul

via Instagram @imrhondapaul

When Rhonda and Sharron announced they had broken up, Rhonda casually mentioned she had rekindled things with someone and revealed him on her Instagram.

Rhonda was dating rapper David Pablo and they looked pretty loved up. However he hasn’t appeared on her Instagram in a long time, so maybe they’re no longer together?

Rhonda has over one million followers on Instagram now and has started sharing the occasional photo of her son, Amari. She is now a Fashion Nova partner, god do all the Too Hot To Handle cast have a deal with them?

Matthew Stephen Smith

via Instagram @matthewstephensmith

Matthew is also a Fashion Nova partner. Can this cast not find any other clothing brands to promote? He’s also heavily promoting a new energy drink.

After the show Matthew announced he had a new girlfriend called Akki Lanier. However it’s likely the two have now broken up as there are no photos of them on each other’s Instagrams.

He’s be hanging out with Bryce recently and cut off his super long hair.

Nicole O’Brien

via Instagram @nicole.ob

After Too Hot To Handle aired, Nicole announced she and Bryce were dating! However two weeks after the announcement they ended things because of the travel restrictions during lockdown.

Aside from dating Bryce, Nicole has been hanging out with Lydia and Chloe and doing ads on Instagram. Nicole joined Chloe in Dubai over Christmas and was one of the many influencers to face criticism and lose followers over it.

Nicole also set up her own mental health platform called “Lovd” that offers courses to improve people’s state of minds. And if that wasn’t enough Nicole has also released a single called “Irish Eyes”. Yep, really.

Bryce Hirschberg

via Instagram @brycehirshberg

Bryce is yet another Fashion Nova partner and does lots of sponsored posts for the brand. During lockdown he celebrated living on his boat for seven years.

Whilst Nicole has deleted pictures of her and Bryce on her Instagram, Bryce has kept one them together and captioned it “Nicole + Bryce = #Nyce”. Yes really, I’m not joking.

That’s not the only cringe thing Bryce has been up to since the show ended, he’s recently released three singles and I don’t think I can bring myself to listen to them.

Madison Wyborny

via Instagram @madisonwyborny

Madison is the only cast member to make no reference on her Instagram that she was on Too Hot To Handle.

However she is deep in the post show drama. Harry said he slept with Madison after he and Francesca broke up the first time. He said: “One thing led to another and we hooked-up a couple of times but we were never anything more than friends with benefits.”

Francesca doesn’t seem to be too concerned about Madison sleeping with Harry as the girls were seen hanging out at the beach a few months after with Haley.

Aside from the drama Madison has been busy modelling.

Kori Sampson

via Instagram @korisampson

Ngl, kinda forgot this guy was on the show. He’s now a partner for Fashion Nova and does sponsored ads for Boohoo and His Column.

Oh and he donated meals to a hospital in Plymouth during the pandemic.

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