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Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show by just this super boring description of it?

‘Local book nerd owns a scary glass box’

Have you ever tried to describe your favourite Netflix show in just a few words and realised you simply can’t? Are you the sort of person who describes shows to your mates with an in depth, episode by episode analysis of the plot and probably a lot of spoilers? If you’re not, great. If you are, scrap that in depth knowledge because this boring description quiz is taking your Netflix knowledge back to basics.

If you had to describe your favourite Netflix show in the most boring way possible, what would you say? This quiz is about to test just that. Below are some of the most horrifically simple and mind-numbing ways to describe what are actually some really thrilling and interesting Netflix shows. All you have to do is guess what show they’re on about. Easy, right?

Let’s see if you match the Netflix show to the really boring description of it in this quiz:

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Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show just from its description?

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