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These 21 memes about the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme are as wild as the idea itself

Don’t call me a hero, just doing my bit

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, had previously carried the demeanour of an Apprentice semi-finalist until his time to shine arrived on Super Saturday. Sunak is the face of the new government scheme “eat out to help out” which entails that every Brit will be given vouchers to spend in restaurants. The scheme offers customers a discount worth up to £10 per head when they eat out, from Monday to Wednesday in August.

Boring Chancellor of the Exec no more, Sunak is the face of a campaign that is making bold feminist moves, he has become the man to thank when your partner starts giving out world-changing orgasms in the name of doing their bit for the country.

Twitter is immensely confused at how the Chancellor can say the slogan of his scheme without smirking, and pleads to know exactly who came up with the “eat out to help out” hashtag. From the unimpressive creativity of the Treasury comms team, to finally getting a discount at Sexy Fish: Here are the best memes about the “eat out to help out” scheme.

1. Eat out to help out, straight from your favourite romcom

2. Treasury comms think they are totally creative

3. Rishi is the feminist icon we didn’t know we had

4. Bye, I’m out

5. Texting my partner ‘eat out to help out’ after six months of abstinence

6. You can’t turn me away this time Sexy Fish!!

7. I can’t wait !!!

8. Other alternatives: ‘Just The Tip’ or ‘Lend A Hand’ job

9. I really wanted that £500 voucher

10. Trading in my dreams of the PS5 for a butterfly chicken

11. This is some revolutionary discount

12. Pornhub is trending a lot recently… oh wait

13. License to be horny on the main redeemed

14. The chancellor of the exec is essentially coming for UniDays brand

15. The Tory intern

16. No, Andrew, you’re not going to Pizza Express

17. This slogan was taken directly from the script of  The Thick of It

18. No problemo, doing my bit for the country

19. Be a hero

20. Go to horny jail

21. Can we like… donate to food banks instead?

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