This is how you do the weird ‘purity test’ thing everyone’s doing on Twitter

God I feel bad about dancing without leaving room for Jesus now

One of the unexpected side effects of lockdown has been the return of old-fashioned internet challenges – and this time it’s the turn of the Rice purity test.

Loads of people have been sharing and quote tweeting each other with their ‘purity score’, showing how many immoral, or even unspeakable acts they’ve done.

It looks pretty flashy, and lets you find out just how morally you’ve lived your life without the need for any introspection.

At the end of the day, it’s essentially just “10 points if you’ve ever kissed someone”, but you get a cool score at the end.

The new version everyone on Twitter’s sharing can be found here.

How does the purity test work?

It’s really simple – just tick a box for everything you’ve done, and then the test gives you your results.

It asks you about all kinds of different things: sex, drugs, drunkenness and lawbreaking. There’s quite a funny question for 69 (the sex number).

rice purity test, weighted purity test

When it gives you your results, it splits the acts into different categories: Minor, immoral, raunchy, scandalous, and unspeakable.

purity test, rice purity test, weighted purity test

The higher your score, the more pure you are, with unspeakable acts damaging your score the most.

What is a Rice purity test?

People have been having fun with purity tests as far back as 1935, when students in America were circulating a purity test for fun. The 1930s Columbia banterlads tried to justify it as a “sociological experiment”, but if they were alive now they would have just called it a meme and stopped trying to over-intellectualise it.

With the advent of the internet, the purity test became a classic proto-meme juggernaut.

The version doing the rounds at the moment is a classic Rice Purity test, except this time it’s weighted so that more severe acts count towards it more. As the test’s designers say: “In other words, using methamphetamine is a little more immoral than holding hands, and this test reflects that.

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