kardashian trivia quiz

Only a true fan will get full marks on this Kardashian trivia quiz

How well do you actually know the famous family?

The Kardashian/Jenner family have been around for what feels like forever, when in reality it’s only been 13 years. They’ve gone from unknown wannabes to almost billionaires and gracing the cover of Vogue magazine. A lot has happened in that time – but how well do you really know them? And would you be able to get full marks in a Kardashian trivia quiz?

If you’ve been following the family from the beginning, you’ll be able to name Kim’s cringe single she released in 2011 and you’ll definitely know how long Khloé had known Lamar before she got married to him. Even if you’re only a recent Kardashian convert you’ll be aware of how Kylie announced her pregnancy and what the grandchildren call Kris Jenner right?

Well to see how much of a fan you are really, test your knowledge with this Kardashian trivia quiz:

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