This TikToker has figured out how you can unlock your iPhone with just your voice

Mind blown

I have always wanted to open my iPhone with just the power of my voice. Well, not always, but I did really want to after seeing a cool video showing me how.

TikToker @kaansanity, who revels in a good iPhone life hack, has revealed exactly how you can say a few magic words to unlock your phone with the magic of your voice.

Frankly, it’s essentially magic. Here’s how you do it.

In settings, go to accessibility, and then select “voice control”.

From there, select “customise commands”, then “custom”, and then “create new command”.

You’ll end up at this screen.

Type in the word or phrase you want – he goes for “open sesame”. I tried “open my phone” which just takes you to your address book so be careful.

Under “action”, select “run custom gesture” and tap your passcode pattern. You’ll have to actually remember where the dots are on the screen, which is fun.

Once you’ve saved it all, whenever your phone is locked and you use your magic voice command, your phone will unlock.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll need voice control enabled. If you’re shouting at your phone like a mug, it might be because you haven’t bothered to turn on voice control.

Neat trick. See it in video form here:

You could also, hypothetically, get it to call the police when someone around you mentions drugs.

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