Quiz: Did Karamo from Queer Eye or Gandhi say this profound quote?

They’re both known for their wise words

On Queer Eye the Fab Five all contribute something unique. Bobby gives his blood, sweat and tears into redesigning a whole new home, Antoni provides recipes that no one will make again and Tan creates some seriously questionable outfits. And Karamo? Well he is the king of dishing out profound, wise and usually cringey advice to the heroes.

You cannot get through an episode of Queer Eye without Karamo and the contestant having a DMC and Karamo shelling out some life changing advice and unpacking years of trauma. He’s a skilled man, I’ll give him that.

And a lot of his quotes are so inspirational that he could be honestly put in a lineup with the world’s greatest philosophers and you wouldn’t notice. Bit of an overstretch? Maybe. But you can’t deny the man can create some deep moments. Another man who is known for his wise words is Mahatma Gandhi. The civil rights activist has said some things that are practically indistinguishable from the advice Karamo gives out.

But could you tell the difference between the famous words of Gandhi and Karamo from Queer Eye? Take this quiz to find out:

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