2m distancing and small groups: The new rules for when Spoons reopens on Saturday

8am pub trips are back

From the Imperial in Exeter to the Five Swans in Newcastle, 875 Wetherspoons across England will be opening at 8am this Saturday, with Scotland and Wales set to follow on the 15th and 21st respectively. There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not we’re ready for open pubs, with many wondering whether Brits will stick to government guidelines after a couple of drinks.

In order to keep us in line, Spoons has announced a series of rules in place to keep punters and pint pullers alike safe. On the bright side though there’s no drink limit! So we can all continue to be the worst versions of ourselves at £2 a pint.

These are all the rules you’ll have to follow when Spoons reopens on the 4th July:

If you feel ill, stay at home

Sure, you may have been dragged half-dead for a celebratory drink after three all-nighters to whack out a 2:2 in the past, but now Wetherspoons understandably wants us to stay home if we feel at all unwell. Makes sense really.

Everyone will be required to stay two metres apart

Turns out one too many Kronenbourgs isn’t a good enough excuse to forget about a global pandemic. As always in the “new normal” world, everyone will be required to stay two metres apart, and the furniture will be set up accordingly.


Avoid going at peak times

On the Spoons website, customers are warned that they will have reduced capacity given that everyone will be social distancing, and that accordingly people should think about when to go. Friday and Saturday nights will likely be crammed so why not go Monday? It’s not like anyone has a job to get up for.

Wash your hands regularly

You’re probably used to it by now, but you’ll be required to hand sanitise on arrival at the pub. On the same theme, customers are asked to avoid shaking hands (which is already a struggle from two metres away), and Wetherspoons assure us there will be staff keeping surfaces constantly clean.

Orders will be taken on the Wetherspoons app

In order to reduce contact between staff and customers, as well as freeing up more space in the pub, Wetherspoons ask that we order food and drink using table service on the app. An exception will be made for those who don’t have a smart phone. If physical menus are needed, they will be one-use disposable menus.

Only small groups will be let in

Customers are being encouraged not to gather in a large group, with the website warning that if large groups do appear they will either be dispersed around the pub or asked to leave.

Directions signs must be followed

Taking a leaf out of Ikea’s book, there will be arrows around making sure queuing and  moving around the pub are done as efficiently as possible for airflow and to encourage social distancing. Doors will be left open and clearly marked as entries or exits for the same reason.

Children must be kept under control

Children can be a pain during lockdown (especially if you’re being interviewed live on the news) and they will still be allowed into Spoons, but parents are advised to keep them sat down whenever possible, and accompany them to the loo.

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