These 29 ‘I know a spot’ memes will leave you feeling so seen it’s not even fair

Every single one speaks to me

In the last few days you’ve probably seen loads of “I know a spot” memes, of people sharing when someone says they know a really nice spot and then the awful place it actually turns out to be.

The “I know a spot” memes basically mock people who think they know the ideal place for a romantic date or gesture, when they really don’t. It started with a girl mocking a boy for thinking he knew a really nice place to take her, when it was just a mountain. Then people went mad for it, sharing their own versions of similar things.

Sometimes the memes are captioned “I know a spot”, others are “I know a place”, but here are all the best so far.

1. Sad but true

2. Truth

3. Why do u do this


5. They need it ://

6. Cool, romantic, love the atmosphere

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7. It’s lovely here x

8. Interesting

9. Come on spider monkey x


11. I think I’ll pass thanks

12. I feel seen

13. Ain’t no coming back


15. God, those graphics

16. Deep

17. Peak

18. I mean, where is the lie?

19. Just the hard truth

20. Accurate

21. This speaks to me

22. Hahahahaha you bet !

23. Me x

24. Why do they do this though?

25. They’ve gotcha there

26. Fun!!

27. There’s a pizza in the freezer!!

28. I love him x

29. Every day

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