This genius grow-your-own garlic trick makes chopping a thing of the past

Take off your cloves 🧄

Garlic is a massive pain in the arse to prepare. Seriously, which other vegetable proves as much hassle? Whether it’s having to unsheath each individual segment from its paper cocoon, or trying to chop the little bugger finely when all it wants to do is stick to every finger and knife it comes in contact with, it’s a bloody nightmare. And don’t even talk to me if you’re the kind of person that uses pickled garlic from a jar – you’re the worst.

Well, there’s a new way to use garlic in your meals without all of the faff, and it’s going to save you a LOT of trouble. TikTok user @bensavage38 has shown us exactly how to grow our own garlic shoots, and it’s as easy as grabbing a plate and an old plastic bottle:

1. Break your garlic into separate cloves

Ensure to remove the outer layer of each clove of garlic and don’t snap the stems that may be growing out of some of the segments.

2. Pierce them together with a strip of plastic

Grab some scissors and cut a thin band from an old plastic bottle. Feed it directly through the middle side of the first clove of garlic, and keep going until you have a small circle.

3. Make two larger circles to fit the whole plate

Connect the end of the plastic strip to the original clove, and repeat the process with longer strips of plastic so that you are left with three circles of differing sizes as shown above.

4. Water your garlic cloves and then wait!

The hard part is over! Now you just water your cloves and wait, replacing the water as required until they grow up to 10 inches. Then simply cut them off and use as needed – they will continue to grow back.

5. Enjoy your garlic garnish

It’s really as simple as that, and this hack means that you’ll never have to go through the pain of peeling a single clove of garlic again. Watch the original video here for a more detailed explanation, and you’re VERY welcome:

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