Pret says £7.49 hummus and veg box is ‘excellent value’

I’m seeing about a quid’s worth of cut up veg there, guys

Pret has defended a £7.49 box of hummus, cucumber, pepper and tomatoes as “excellent value for money”.

I mean, look at it. You’ve got what looks like half a cucumber, half a pepper, half a dozen tomatoes, and a couple of dollops of hummus.

Better yet, the “Humous & Crudités Platter” is £8.99 if you dine in. This is the kind of outrage that makes you turn into your parents. A real “what has the world come to” indignant rage.

In reply to the tweet, Pret said: “We feel that we are competitively priced,” presumably with Harrods.

“Whilst offering excellent value for money with fresh food, high quality ingredients and great service.”

As someone who enjoys almost this exact snack as a cheap lunch on a regular basis, I can confidently say you could make three of these boxes for under two quid.

The box is part of Pret’s new platter range and described as: “Perfect for sharing at a picnic.”

And yet, for all the lavish expense, you still get some dodgy choices. Tomatoes with hummus? No pitta?

The final kick in the teeth is the ingredients list: “Humous (33%) (Cooked Chickpeas (Chickpeas, Water), Rapeseed Oil, Sesame Seed Paste, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Water, Garlic Purée, Salt), Cucumber, Red Pepper, Tomato.”

Personally, the fact they’ve skimped on the hummus by using rapeseed (not olive) oil and concentrated lemon juice, and then slapped that price tag is…

It’s unbelievable value.

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