What are the cast of Netflix’s Love Is Blind up to now?

Amber paid off her student loan!

Love Is Blind only come out in February and yet it feels like years since we watched a bunch of strangers fall in love in the pods and get engaged without seeing each other. This year has been a lot and Love Is Blind was the only highlight. So it feels appropriate to check in with the cast to see what they’ve been up to since the show ended.

And if it’s at all possible, even more drama has gone down since Jessica fed her dog wine and Gigi told Damian their sex was bad.

Amber paid off her student loan, Carlton called Kelly out for her Black Lives Matter post and Mark has gone from Mr. Nice Guy to an alleged cheater.

This is everything the Love Is Blind cast have been up to since the show:

Amber and Barnett

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The couple no one thought would last is still going incredibly strong. Apart from lockdown the biggest news for them is Amber has paid off her $20k student loans!!! I’m so happy for her.

Barnett got her the most delicious looking cake I’ve ever seen to celebrate her achievement.

They both still have over a million followers on Instagram and Amber has been doing a lot of sponsored posts. Amber and Barnett are going to present at The Reality TV Awards and they attended the Black Lives Matter protests.

Oh and Barnett bought Amber a light saber for her birthday.

Lauren and Cameron

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Everyone’s favourite couple is unsurprisingly still together and they’re even more of a power couple now.

They’ve started their own YouTube channel, done Insta lives with Miley Cyrus and Idris Elba and his wife. They were interviewed by The New York Times recently and also did a photoshoot for a magazine in which they looked like actual royalty.

They both have over a million Instagram followers and Lauren does a load of paid ads. She’s also recently started an interiors renovation challenge on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

What a queen.

Gigi and Damian

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They didn’t go through with their wedding but Gigi and Damian are together now. Gigi has nearly two million followers on Instagram and is now a Savage x Fenty ambassador and does a lot of ads for Boohoo.

via Instagram @gianninagibelli

She was interviewed by Playboy and continued with the Love In Sight podcast about Love Is Blind.

Damian is on nearly one million Instagram followers and probably spends a lot of time being Gigi’s photographer.

Kelly and Kenny

Ok so now we’re getting to some drama. After we were all shocked that Kenny and Kelly didn’t make it down the aisle, Kenny dropped the bombshell that they had planning on not getting married for weeks before the wedding. Safe to say we all felt very betrayed.

Kenny has since moved states and has a new girlfriend called Alexandra. They do a lot of Pinterest style cringe photos on their Instagrams but they look happy so who am I to judge?

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Kelly is currently single and working on her empowerment coaching. She hosted a number of virtual mindful workshops during lockdown.

She got called out by Carlton for her Black Lives Matter post. In a video on Instagram Kelly referred to black people as “coloured people” and said the protests were “too much”.

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EXHIBIT A: Girl every WHAT?! “COLORED???” Say that again… I don’t think I heard you right… more coming in next post. • AS A BLACK MAN, and the only Black man who was around some of these people, I am DISGUSTED to log on to messages from concerned fans today who are disappointed in some of my castmates lack of posting. And then we have people like THIS who still can’t get it right! And please don’t play victim. Y’all will NOT keep doing shit behind closed doors and the fans keep following y’all antics thinking you’re good people. I also have receipts from another Castmate justifying the n-word and another alleged racist. Stay tuned. Y’all picked the RIGHT NXGGA TODAY! Additionally STOP TELLING US HOW TO RESPOND TO THE MURDERS OF OUR PEOPLE! ✊🏾 This is so scripted and fake.

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She said: “Black lives fucking matter, absolutely. But this weekend, the last 48 hours the riots went fucking crazy, shitstorm.

“What happened to George Floyd and every other coloured person if I wanna use that. I hate describing people by their [skin colour].”

After Carlton called her out Kelly apologised for comments and said she was “ignorant”.

Diamond and Carlton

So after their disaster of a trip to Mexico, Diamond and Carlton made up at the reunion show. But then Diamond blocked Carlton on Instagram and he asked everyone to get her to unblock him.

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Diamond said she blocked him because he started bad mouthing her on Instagram and questioned why he was professing his love for her when it was almost two years later.

She said: “The reason I blocked Carlton from social media is because after the reunion, Carlton was being very foul-mouthed against me on all his social media pages.

“And that really shocked me because I thought we were on good terms… he apologised at the reunion but then he was quick to IG and started acting totally different from the show’s reunion

“I think there might be other reasons to why he is doing this. All of a sudden he loves me and he wants me back and misses me… but you have to remember that this was filmed back in 2018.”

Aside from that drama Diamond is out there living her best life and doing a load of sponsored posts on Insta.

Carlton has been busy on Instagram being vocal about Black Lives Matter and spoke to Women’s Health about his coming out story.

Jessica and Mark

I’ve saved the most chaotic couple till last. And wow there is a lot of drama going on.

Earlier this week LC (another Love Is Blind contestant) revealed she had been dating Mark in May but then claimed he cheated on her after seeing a picture of him with another woman.

In a statement to JustJared LC said she and Mark had discussed becoming exclusive but that wouldn’t be a thing now.

She said: “Mark and I were casually dating, but talked about remaining exclusive, especially because of Covid-19, but that’s over now.”

Mark then denied that he cheated on LC and pointed out at no stage were the two of them in an exclusive relationship.

He said: “I enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at no point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself. I wish her the absolute best.”

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So far so juicy, and then Jessica comes in and spills even more tea. She claimed that Mark slept with someone else whilst they were filming Love Is Blind.

Someone commented on E! News’ Instagram page claiming Mark had slept with loads of women whilst filming. To which Jessica replied: “Wow. News to me, I only knew about one.”

A spokesperson for Mark denied the allegations and said: “While Mark was on the show, he was fully committed to the LIB process and to Jessica.”

Aside from all the drama Mark has started a YouTube channel, did an Insta live with David from Too Hot To Handle, posted plenty of workout videos and done sponsored posts for Bumble.

And Jessica is just out there living her life like the queen she truly is.

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