Adidas slammed for using ‘conventionally attractive’ models in body diversity campaign

People are disappointed that Maya Jama was used as a model

Adidas have faced backlash after a new photoshoot, featuring “conventionally attractive” models, was used for their positivity campaign

The new Adidas new campaign, ‘My Body My Swim’, was released earlier this week alongside a brand new swim range modelled by a range of supposedly ‘body-diverse’ women.

The campaign, which was a call out for women to “embrace and befriend your body”, has faced huge backlash, with many people taking to Twitter to express their disappointment with the use of already “stereotypically amazing” bodies.

The photoshoot included a range of well-known female icons, including presenter Maya Jama, Instagram influencer Chessie King, activist Nadya Okamato and model Jada Sezer.

After Maya Jama tweeted a link to the campaign’s photo’s, many people responded with their frustration.

Journalist Moya Lothian-McLean also responded, writing, “Maya Jama’s body type is literally held up as the ‘ideal’ of the late 2010s/early 2020s. I know she definitely means well but Adidas should have thought twice before making her front the campaign, rather than just being a part of it.”

While the models themselves were not blamed for taking part in the campaign, many feel as though Adidas should have used a wider range of body diverse models for their shoot.

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