Tan has put together some very questionable looks on Queer Eye, here are the worst

What is this dress???

I’m going to start this off by saying how much I love Tan. He’s funny, kind and the only Brit on Queer Eye – for that reason alone he’s one of my favourites of the Fab Five.

However it’s time we comment on some of the very questionable outfit choices he has put together for the heroes.

Tan’s outfits in season one worked really well for the contestants. It was all about classic, simple and well tailored clothes that they would feel comfortable in. It wasn’t about creating fashion moments, it was about dressing a bunch of dads to feel good about themselves by wearing a pair of shorts that actually fit them. And credit where it’s due Tan did this really well.

However he has put together some really god awful looks for the people they help over the last few years.

Look I’m not a stylist, I’m not claiming to be director of Chanel, Tan definitely has much more experience than me – he ran a really successful fashion business for years but some of these outfits were not a vibe.

The man is great but in some episodes Tan just got it really wrong, and these questionable looks should never have happened:

Someone please burn this dress

I get they were in a vintage second hand shop, but that is no excuse – there are plenty of beautiful dresses that exist in a vintage shop. A brown floral dress is something no one should ever be wearing.

Tan created such good looks for her in the rest of the episode, what went wrong here?

A knitted tie?? Knitted?

Sorry, who allowed this? Get the man a normal tie for christ’s sake.


I know she looks really happy in this picture but the ruffle on that jumper needs to go. It looks like something from Primark circa 2008.

Honestly thought this jumper was a before look

Tan you’re supposed to be making them look like young cool dads, not old granddads.

This poor priest

The priest from the first episode of season five makes it very clear to Tan that he is not a fan of this coat. And I can see why – he’s swamped in it. A man not blessed in height should not be put in a coat that long and it was unfair for Tan to put him in it.

Thankfully Tan found him a really great jacket and the rest of his outfits for the priest were lewks.

I can’t with the cut out

This doesn’t look edgy or cool – it literally looks like someone has cut out a section of this guy’s T-shirt.

Please stop cropping things Tan

Yes I was partial to a crop top from ages 14 to 18, but the look is over Tan, please stop chopping clothes in half.

What is this print??

Shells and a mess is what it is.

Again the print!!!

This is such a typical mumsy dress and yes I know she’s a mum. But that’s the point he’s meant to elevate her and make her life about more than being a mum. This dress is such a lazy choice and honestly Tan you can do better.

What is this jacket??

This leather skirt was a bold and brilliant choice by Tan and then he covers it up with this cardigan thing? I get some women may not feel comfortable showing off their arms and fair enough. However Tan could have got a jacket that showed off the skirt and didn’t look like it was straight out of Debenhams.

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