Ranked: These are the unis whose grads actually end up with a job

Do not look at this list if you go to St Andrews

Things are pretty fucking intense right now if you’re looking for a grad job. Thankfully there’s a new list of the unis whose grads actually end up with a job, if you’re looking to take some statistical solace.

Robert Gordon, Bournemouth, Glasgow Caledonian, and Hallam are top of the table for grads ending up in employment 15 months after finishing uni.

Data taken from HESA, based on what 2017/18 grads were doing 15 months after graduation, reveals just how likely grads from your uni are to get a job.

Behind those, LSE is the best Russell Group to go to, with 85.9 per cent of grads ending up in jobs.

The table’s shock result is not, despite first appearances, UWE ranking well above Bristol.

No, truly shocking is the fact St Andrews sits slap bang at the bottom. Oxford, Durham, and York rank also really low.

Now, sure, the reason for this could be quite obvious if you’ve ever met someone from any of these unis, or it could be because a lot of their cleverclogs grads go on to further study.

While all have lower percentages of grads working, they equally have low rates of unemployment, suggesting grads are heading towards voluntary work, travel, or further study.

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