It’s on: The pubs are officially allowed to reopen on the 4th July

You can also meet up with another household inside

After a long as heck time with no pints, it’s official: the pubs are reopening on July 4th.

Two households of any size will be able to meet in any setting, inside or outside, from the 4th July, Boris Johnson has announced.

Even better, it doesn’t have to be the same two households all the time, so you can meet up with a different set of grandparents each week.

Of course, we’ve got no idea what the pints experience will actually be like with social distancing and incredibly long queues, but Boris Johnson has confirmed that pubs will be allowed to reopen in just under two weeks.

Museum, hairdressers, and art galleries are also reopening, if you care about those. Nightclubs will unfortunately remain closed.

Of course, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do their own thing.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Johnson said: “We can now go further and safely ease the lockdown in England.

“Given the significant fall in the prevalence of the virus, we can change the two metres distancing rule from the 4th July,” adding this rule was particularly challenging for the hospitality industry.

Instead, he said the government is now advising people to stay over one metre apart if two metres isn’t possible.

Johnson said new infections are declining by between two and four per cent every day, do not believe there’s a risk of a second peak.

“Our long national hibernation is coming to an end,” Johnson said, adding “it would be all to easy for that frost to return.”

Wetherspoon’s plans to reopen with social distancing includes screens, no communal bottles of sauce, and a reduced menu

If two weeks is too long to wait, there’s always this map showing you where your nearest takeaway pint can be found.

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