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Quiz: Can you spell Google’s most commonly misspelled words?

Clue: Probably not

We’ve all been there – frantically Googling how to spell words and what actually gets typed in is complete gibberish. Google will quickly passive aggressively ask: Did you mean? Yes, Google, yes I did. But some of the most commonly misspelled words on Google are actually quite simple, as this quiz is about to show you.

Granted, a few of them are very hard. But some are words we use quite often, so by default should be able to hazard a good guess at how they are spelled. But alas, we cannot. TheKnowlegeAcademy has collected the most commonly misspelled words on Google – with the highest getting entered into the site incorrectly around 92,000 times a month.

Below, we’ve created a quiz of all of these words, to see if you can spell those that thousands of people struggle with. See if you’re a better speller than most here.

Take this quiz to see if you can spell the most commonly misspelled words on Google:

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