Bobby is the undeniable king of Queer Eye and all the rest can go home

This man carries the show while Antoni makes guac

It’s time we acknowledged a very important fact. Bobby Berk is hands down the best member of the Fab Five and without him, Queer Eye would be nothing.

You literally cannot fight me on this one. I’m about to present you with every piece of evidence demonstrating why Bobby is so freaking good at what he does and yet is constantly under appreciated and forgotten about. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of his mistreatment.

I love all the members of the Fab Five. Antoni is gorgeous, Jonathan is a legend, Tan has great style and Karamo gives some seriously good advice. As a group they’ve shone light on LGBTQ+ issues, opened up the conversation around masculinity and generally made us all cry and laugh.

But we need to address what everyone really brings to the table. And Bobby Berk is bringing the whole damn meal, sides, drinks and dessert.

Not only does he work twice as hard as the others, but on top of that, he confronts his past trauma, really helps the heroes and is just an all round gem.

This is every reason why Bobby Berk deserves better:

He designs a whole house whilst the others make a pesto pasta or pick out a t-shirt

Let’s start out with the obvious. Bobby does so much more work than the rest of the Fab Five. We hardly see him because he’s always so busy redesigning multiple rooms or buildings. Let’s not forget when he made over the church, the community centre and the flat of the priest in the first episode of season five.

And what Antoni do? He made cornbread.

He really thinks about making the home useful

When designing the homes it’s clear Bobby really considers how he can make the best out of the space to really help the hero of the episode. In season four he made Wesley’s home wheel chair friendly, giving him true independence and freedom to live his life in his own home.

Wesley properly cries when he’s able to use his own bathroom – Bobby did that.

His makeovers are more than just aesthetics

Bobby has serious interior design style, but more than that, he really thinks about how the home serves the individual beyond how nice it looks. He really listens to them and creates experiences for the heroes.

He made a bar for Jennifer in the latest season after she told him how much she missed being able to go out with her husband, so he brought the bar to them.

Bobby actually gets his hands dirty

Sorry but why has Jonathan stopped cutting people’s hair this season? That’s your one job. Bobby is there designing, picking pieces out in the stores, tearing things apart, sanding down a bench, painting and he always goes the extra mile to get the house finished.

Yes he has a team helping him do the makeovers, he’s not superman, but he puts in a lot more graft than the other four.

He always thinks of really personal touches

In season three in the episode “Elrod and sons”, where they are making over a grieving father and sons, Bobby creates a memory box for the boys with their mother’s handwriting in! I was full on crying when opened up the box.

Bobby has to deal with so much mess

Jonathan may have to deal with the occasional untrimmed beard, but Bobby is literally having to go into ugly, messy and unclean houses all over again. None of the other boys have to deal with people’s mess so closely and yet he never complains.

Bobby literally works seven days a week

All the Fab Five work hard but when you put into context that Bobby would often work seven days a week, when the rest of the boys got three or four days off, there really is no competition of who puts in the most time.

As if he doesn’t work hard enough, he’s also giving out business advice

And money advice! Does this man ever sleep? In a few episodes in season five he helped some of the heroes set up bank accounts, made business cards and just gave great advice, all whilst redesigning homes.

The doggy fashion show was his idea and that’s not even his area

Honestly Tan, could you not have thought that one up?

Since the first episode he’s been breaking down stereotypes

All of the Fab Five are good at unpacking stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community, but Bobby has been doing it from day one.

In the first episode Tom asked who was the husband and who was the wife in his Bobby’s marriage, to which he quickly told him that was not on and that’s actually a form of sexism.

Bobby was homeless and made a whole new life for himself

Bobby faced a lot of struggles growing up in a small conservative religious town. He ended up leaving home and living in his car or friends’ sofas.

He dropped out of school and worked a number of jobs before moving to New York and starting his own business.

Bobby actually knows his stuff

Bobby worked at number of interior companies – a restoration hardware store, Bed, Bath and Beyond, a linen company, an online furniture store – before launching his own business in 2006. So basically he’s hustled and really knows what he’s talking about.

Whereas some of the Fab Five are literally not trained in their areas of “expertise”, Tan is not a stylist by trade and Antoni is not an actual chef.

He faced a lot trauma with the church growing up and yet continually goes to churches for the heroes

I have mad respect for Bobby continually having to confront his past demons throughout the seasons by going to churches.

He gives full on therapy sessions – that’s not in his job description

Literally this man could do everyone’s tasks in a heartbeat and still have time to decorate another room. In season three he helps Jess reunite with her family, shares his experiences of being homeless – all whilst redoing her home.

He’s fully aware of how much more work he does than the others and yet he’s still there putting in the effort

Someone on TikTok made a video saying what we’re all thinking – Bobby does the most and the others put in no effort.

And then Bobby did a duet video with the original, and let’s just say he’s throwing some shade.

@geneleave##duet with @bobbyberk♬ vibe for this year – josephiv_

And finally, what man could pull off a full on metallic silver tracksuit?

Here rests my case that Bobby Berk is the greatest thing to happen to Queer Eye.

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