Good news, everyone: Only a true Futurama fanatic will get full marks in this trivia quiz

And that’s on Omicron Persei 8 😩

The Simpsons? Pretty funny. Family Guy? Not so much. Futurama? WOAH, now 👏 we 👏 are 👏 talking 👏

Seriously, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to animated series right now, such as some of the more recent offerings that Netflix has come up with, but Futurama (controversial opinion incoming) surely comes out on top when it comes to funny animated comedy shows? I mean, which other show has just the right balance of humour and creativity? I refuse to believe that it’s not a universally accepted fact that Futurama is infinitely less disenfranchising than the likes of Adventure Time or Rick and Morty.

So now we’ve reached a mutual understanding, you must remember so much of Futurama seeing as it IS the best animated show around, so let’s test that with 15 trivia questions. Good luck, this one ain’t so easy:

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