How to get that vibey Disclosure sketch face filter on Instagram

The sketch filter is honestly doing bits

Cast your mind back to 2012. Disclosure has just released the song ‘Latch’ with Sam Smith. It’s a simpler time. All is right in the world. But one thing is bothering you, and still bothers you to this day in Cursed 2020. How do I get that god damn Disclosure sketch face filter they have on all their album artworks?

The Disclosure face filter wasn’t easily accessible back in those days, before Snapchat and Insta had really taken off. But thanks to the plethora of Insta filters we can now stick our genetic DNA into (are they harvesting it? Could they make a deep fake of my face now? Probably but who cares) the Disclosure face filter is FINALLY at our disposal. Right in time for them to drop a new album, too.

How do I get the sketch face filter?

My dude, come here. Take a seat. Listen to me. It’s actually quite simple. In fact, it’s a piece of piss. All you have to do is go onto the filter search on Instagram (i.e put another filter on your face, click the name and then next to “Try Effect” there should be “Browse Effects”) and search “sketch face”.

How do I make sure it’s the right filter?

A lot of people have tried to recreate the face, but the most Disclosure-like filter available is “Face Sketch” by Lizavetarh. Luckily all of the face sketch filters are actually called things related to being a sketch face filter, unlike every other cool Insta filter which has an entirely inane name, making it impossible to track down. Other cool ones include: Picasso face sketch by Parkertatro, for the art hoes among us, and Face sketch by Codymesh, for if you want a colourful version (will look a bit like a kid has been at your face with crayons though so beware).

Then pop your face in and you’re good to go – wavy Insta story pics are all yours to access. You can thank me via email at [email protected] or just send flowers directly to my house. Both are fine.

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