QUIZ: Plan your YouTube career and we’ll tell you which uni you should’ve gone to

Q1 – Makeup or FIFA?

A YouTube channel is a horcrux-like extension of someone’s soul, which means they’re a place that you can learn a lot about someone’s life. Some people go full Trisha Paytas, viewing a breakup or major shift in their life through dollar sign goggles, barely being able to contain their excitement to share every single part of their personal life with their viewers as content. Others, like H3H3 or Pewdiepie, go to active lengths to shield their private lives. But what kind of YouTuber would you be?

As it happens, your YouTube preferences say a lot about which uni you’d fit into – you can practically imagine Exeter being full of vlogging beauty YouTubers, right? Let’s find out where you’d best fit:

Featured image credit: Sarah May photography

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