Someone has made a thread of your night out, as told by Zara model pictures

That is my exact hungover position

Shopping on the Zara website is an experience like no other. Forget simply browsing to find that cute bodysuit your friend wore last week, the Zara website will never actually show you normal photos – it will instead have models pose on the hob in order to sell you some heels.

Zara models simply cannot stand still and just look good in the clothes, they will be in weird angles, locations and a lot of the time you don’t actually see the clothes they want you to buy – a model submerged in a pool to sell a dress? Sure.

And to highlight how ridiculous the pics are, some genius on Twitter has put them in a thread and used them to describe going on a night out. From pres, to the walk to the club, to absolutely hanging the next day, it turns out there’s a Zara website photo that perfectly illustrates every stage of a night out.

Such as a picture featuring a model with a towel on her head bending over the stairs, is how everyone looks when your mate turns up early for pres and you’re no way near ready.

Or that photo of the model wearing her coat backwards, is basically all of us trying to put on a jacket when the Uber turns up early and you’ve just necked a bottle of wine.

Here is your night out, as explained by the Zara website images:

When your friend actually arrives on time for pres

via Twitter @louise_nealon

Just a simple gossip in the kitchen

via Twitter @louise_nealon

Quickly throwing on your coat when the Uber arrives early

via Twitter @louise_nealon

The horror of your mate stealing your jacket

via Twitter @louise_nealon

Giving your friend a lift on the walk to the club

via Twitter @louise_nealon

When you’re talking to that guy at the bar who says he’s into girls that read

via Twitter @louise_nealon

Why do all three of these happen at the exact same time?

via Twitter @louise_nealon

And tbf this is the exact position I am in the next morning

via Twitter @louise_nealon

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