Someone has made a map telling you where your nearest takeaway pint is

I think I cried looking at this

About three weeks into quarantine, I’m ashamed to say I welled up at a video of a cold, frosty pint. The mere sight of condensation dripping off the glass stirred something deep in me. That is to say, I’d have done anything for a pint, if only I knew where to get one.

By a massive stroke of fortune, someone has made a map of everywhere in the country selling takeaway pints.

Simply zoom in on your local area on the map, spot the nearest beer logo, and you’re good.

There are over 1,000 pubs on the map, and it also lets you search by county. The map for London is particularly dense, but there are cold, frosty lagers to be found all over the country.

To avoid any accidental non-draught beers, the map even specifies pints and bottled beer, as well as food.

God I needed this. Park tinnies? I don’t know them.

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