These 22 ridiculous headlines prove what a wild ride 2020 has been already

Try explaining these to your 2019 self

This year has been crazy. Some of the things that have actually happened you would think have come straight out of a table read for a new series of Riverdale. Seriously, the headlines 2020 has given us have been nothing short of insanity.

Imagine trying to explain to someone in 2019 that sex with someone from outside of your household is literally illegal. Or that people were going to be fighting in supermarkets over toilet roll. A few years ago nobody had ever heard of Dominic Cummings, and now he’s a meme sensation. And who had an “underwater ghost village frozen in time set to resurface” on their bingo card?

Here are some of the wildest headlines from 2020 so far. Strap in, these are a lot.

1. Couples? Who can’t touch? Are you sure?

2. I mean, ok

3. This definitely came from a random headline generator

2020, headlines, news, stories, Jedward, Tara Reid, lockdown

4. Yes, the actual Bratz


2020, headlines, news, stories, underwater, ghost, village, frozen, time


7. Imagine explaining this entire chaotic tale to someone who had no idea of 2020 yet

2020, headlines, news, stories, FA, Wembley, Lasagne

8. I never thought we would need to be told this

9. Sounds… fun?

2020, headlines, news, stories, toilet roll, fight, supermarket, lockdown

10. This just isn’t normal

2020, headlines, news, stories, Primark, opening, lockdown, queues

11. I really have no idea what is happening here

12. This is too much to take-in in one go

2020, headlines, news, stories, Dominic Cummings, Durham

13. Sexy?

14. What sorry?

2020, headlines, news, stories, Elon Musk, Grimes, baby name

15. 2019 me simply did not need to know this information

16. Hold on, don’t these guys sell TEA?

2020, headlines, news, stories, Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips, racism

17. I NEVER thought I’d see the day

Madeleine McCann

18. Two names I would never expect to see in the same sentence

2020, headlines, news, stories, Tommy Robinson, Little Mix


20. Who? What? Sorry? WHY?

2020, headlines, news, stories, Carole Baskin, Tiger King, I'm A Celebrity

21. At this point, am I even surprised anymore?

Love Island, Michael, Bafta

22. Sure. Do it.

2020, headlines, news, stories, mayan calendar, apocalypse, world, end

It’s been chaotic, to say the least.

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