These celebs are still making loads of money on Instagram during lockdown

Molly-Mae has made nearly £150k

For most of us lockdown has been a boring, frustrating and uneventful time, however for some celebrities and influencers it’s been a chance to make some serious bank.

Research by Attain revealed the top 10 celebrities making the most money during lockdown are Vicky Pattinson, Olivia Bowen and Marnie Simpson. Most of the influencers are making over £150k during the 10 week lockdown period from sponsored posts on Instagram. Where do I apply to become an influencer?

The majority of the celebrities’ ads are for clothing companies such as Boohoo and In The Style, however some have been making money from promoting dressing gowns for dogs, and most importantly VKs.

These are the celebs who have made the most from Instagram during lockdown:

Vicky Pattinson

via Instagram @vickypattinson

Total made in lockdown: £208,517

Vicky is the top earner in lockdown having made over £200k. She has done 21 sponsored posts over the last few months. Her ads have included products for Weight Watchers and Missy Empire.

She will earn nearly £10,000 per post which makes sense as Vicky has nearly five million Instagram followers. Not bad for a girl from Geordie Shore.

Olivia Bowen

via Instagram @oliviadbowen

Total made in lockdown: £188,886

Everyone’s favourite Islander, Olivia can make just over £5,000 for a single Instagram post. Olivia has done 37 sponsored posts on Instagram throughout lockdown.

She’s done posts for Missy Empire, Boux Avenue, W7 Makeup, Batiste and most importantly VKs. What a legend.

Marnie Simpson

via Instagram @marns

Total made in lockdown: £180,624

Marnie has 3.7 million followers on Instagram so she’s been able to make quite a lot of money since we went into lockdown in March. She’s done 22 sponsored posts and can make just over £8,000 for a single post.

Now that she’s become a mum and a vegan, Marnie has been able to get a variety of different ads on her Insta. Marnie has featured contact lenses, tracksuits and vegan cookbooks on her page during lockdown.

Chloe Ferry

via Instagram @chloegshore1

Total made in lockdown: £170,930

Are the top five earners all from Geordie Shore? Chloe has done 23 sponsored posts during lockdown, each earning her just over £7k per post.

Chloe has done ads for In The Style, a dressing gown for dogs and a company offering an end of lockdown holiday to Bali.

Molly-Mae Hague

via Instagram @mollymaehague

Total made in lockdown: £141,575

Molly-Mae has been quiet on Instagram ever since the sad death of her dog. However before that Molly managed to make £140k from sponsored posts alone.

She has done ads for Beauty Works Online, PrettyLittleThing and Tatti Lashes. Molly-Mae can make £8,848 from a single post.

Jacqueline Jossa

via Instagram @jacjossa

Total made in lockdown: £141,309

Jacquliene has made nearly as much as Molly-Mae during lockdown after posting 24 ads. She can make nearly £6k from a single post on Instagram.

Her main adverts have been for her collection with In The Style and sponsored posts for Now TV and Lol Surprise.

Billie Faiers

via Instagram @billiefaiersofficial

Total made in lockdown: £90,593

Billie has just over 2 million followers on Instagram, meaning she can get paid £4,768 for one sponsored post.

She’s done 19 ads during lockdown and they’ve been for a variety of fashion and kids companies, including her own range on In The Style.

Maura Higgins

via Instagram @maurahiggins

Total made in lockdown: £79,681

The queen of Love Island has made nearly £80k in lockdown. Maura will be making a lot of that money from her partnership with Boohoo.

And during the 10 week lockdown period Maura has also made money from her Ann Summers partnership.

Alex Bowen

via Instagram @ab_bowen

Total made in lockdown: £77,954

God, what a power couple Alex and Olivia are. And the only guy in the top ten, Alex has done very well for himself making nearly £80,000 in lockdown.

Alex also got in on the ad for VKs and he’s done sponsored posts for protein pasta and weights.

Zara McDermott

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Total made in lockdown: £69,257

Being on Made In Chelsea and Love Island has got Zara 1.4 million followers on Instagram, so she’s managed to make nearly £70k from posts during lockdown.

Zara mainly does ads for fast fashion brands including Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing and MissPap.

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