Meet the Islanders of Love Island Australia coming to ITV2 next week

Aussies are just automatically fitter

Love Island Australia is arriving next week on ITV2 to fill the Love Island shaped hole in our lives. The series originally aired in 2018 but if you haven’t watched it yet you are in for a treat and you need to see the 2018 Love Island Australia cast.

The Aussie version has far more drama, sex, booze and full on fights than the UK version. In fact it makes ours look like a bunch of kids in the playground doing kiss chase. What am I saying is you need to watch it and if you needed any more convincing let me introduce you to the islanders.

As you’d expect from a bunch of Australians – they’re tanned, toned and basically look like they’ve been crafted by the gods. There’s a variety of backgrounds, one of them owns a beauty company, another has a nursing degree and one is a prison guard. What they have in common though is that they are going to single handedly save our summer.

Meet the Islanders of Love Island Australia:

The Girls


via Instagram @millie1993

Instagram handle: @millie1993

Millie was 24-years-old when she went on Love Island Australia. She’s obsessed with partying and dogs – so basically I love her already.

She worked in doggy-day care before going on Love Island and now owns a dog walking company.

via Instagram @millie1993

Millie has nearly 250k followers on Instagram and posts a lot of fit selfies in her underwear.


via Instagram @cattcity

Instagram handle: @cattcity

Cassidy was 23-years-old when she went on the show and is from Melbourne. She describes herself as a “country girl at heart” and worked in a bar before Love Island.

Now it looks like she works as an influencer and has nearly 300k followers on Instagram.

via Instagram @cattcity

Cassidy was single for two years before she went on Love Island and her previous relationship lasted four years.


via Instagram @erin.alysha

Instagram handle: @erin.alysha

Erin was 23-years-old on Love Island and is also from Melbourne. She dropped out of school but still managed to get a degree in nursing.

Some of her interests include tanning, lazy Sundays and Disney. Yes Erin is one of those adults who like Disney, maybe her and Siânnise can be mates?

via Instagram @erin.alysha

After appearing on Love Island Erin took part in I’m a Celebrity Australia and she’s got nearly 400k followers on Instagram.


via Instagram @tashacherie

Instagram handle: @tashacherie

Natasha was 24-years-old when she went on Love Island and is from Perth. She owns a beauty salon called Webster Artistry.

So Natasha dates millionaires and wants a guy who has a boat, is she sure she should have gone on Love Island?

via Instagram @tashacherie

She’s recently got a very cute puppy and has just over 150k followers on Instagram.


via Instagram @tayla.damir

Instagram handle: @tayla.damir

Taylor was the youngest original girl on the show, she was 21 when she took part in Love Island and is from Perth.

She won Miss Universe Australia in 2015 and worked as a radio presenter before going on the show.

via Instagram @tayla.damir

Tayla is now an influencer with over 400k followers on Insta and is obsessed with the gym.

The Boys


via Instagram @joshmoss

Instagram handle: @joshmoss

Josh was 25-years-old when he went on Love Island and is from Sydney. He rates himself as a solid 10/10, glad to know he’s modest.

He worked as a sports administrator before the show and said he had never been in love before and was hoping to find it on Love Island.

via Instagram @joshmoss

He’s got nearly 275k followers on Instagram and looks like he does a fair few sponsored posts.


via Instagram @justinlacko

Instagram handle: @justinlacko

Justin was the oldest of the Love Island Australia cast and if you couldn’t tell, he’s a model.

He’s originally from Sydney but was living in New York before filming began. If him being fit wasn’t enough he also does charity work and is an ambassador for The Kids Foundation.

via Instagram @justinlacko

Spoiler alert but Justin is now a dad! His son was born in May.


via Instagram @charlietaylor

Instagram handle: @charlietaylor

Charlie just screams rugby boy, which is exactly what he is, he represented Australia in the Commonwealth Games. He was only 22-years-old when he went on Love Island.

He’s originally from Sydney but appears to now be living in Bali.

via Instagram @charlietaylor

Sorry but why do the boys in the UK Love Island not look like this? Anyway now I’ve picked my jaw up off the floor, Charlie has nearly 400k followers on Instagram. Can’t think why?


via Instagram @grant_crapp

Instagram handle: @grant_crapp

Grant was 22-years-old when he appeared on Love Island Australia and he’s from Canberra.

He was working as an electrician before the show and appears to have continued with the job afterwards.

via Instagram @grant_crapp

His Instagram is full of pictures of him and his very cute dog. Also, can we appreciate that his surname is literally “Crapp”.


via Instagram @dallyeden

Instagram handle: @dallyeden

Eden was 25-years-old on Love Island Australia and is from Sydney. He worked as a prison officer before the show.

Apparently his ideal woman has “big boobs, big booty, some lip fillers” and also has to have a “wild personality”.

via Instagram @dallyeden

Another spoiler but Eden is also now a dad to a little boy.

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