Single people living alone can create a ‘bubble’ with one household from Saturday

This means I can finally get laid!

Boris Johnson announced in his daily briefing today a plan for “support bubbles” to help those affected by loneliness as part of the coronavirus pandemic.

The “support bubbles” will allow those who have been living alone to “bubble up” with another household, which means if you’re part of a couple living alone, you can finally have sex with your partner.

The new bubble plan, which will start from Saturday, will allow those who are living apart to stay the night at their partner’s house and not have to stay two metres away.

Boris said: “There are too many people, particularly those who live by themselves who are lonely and struggling with being unable to see friends and family.

“From this weekend we will allow single adult households, living alone, or single parents with children under 18, to form a support bubble with one other household.”

Boris also said people do not have to move in together and can travel between homes, but must only do this with one other household.

He said: “They will be able to hug, go into each other’s homes, and even stay overnight. They won’t have to stay 2m apart and can act as if they live in the same home. They don’t have to move in together but can do if they wish, or travel between each other’s homes.

“All those in a support bubble will be able to act as if they live in the same household, meaning they can spend time together inside each others’ homes and do not need to stay two metres apart.

“I want to stress that support bubbles must be exclusive, meaning you can’t switch the household you are in a bubble with or connect with multiple households.”

So basically don’t be sleeping around. This new plan also means people will be able to hug their grandparents again, but we all know it’s the shagging you really care about.

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