Ranked: These are the most dramatic Queer Eye transformations of all time

Of course Tom is here

From zero to hero, from down to downright amazing, from [insert bad thing followed by good thing] – is there anything that the Fab Five CAN’T do? It’s like as soon as Jonathan gets his magic hands up in their hair, Tan tears down the entire wardrobe and the others change every facet of their life up to 200, the lucky subjects of the show leave feeling and looking like they’re fully set to live the very best of lives. It’s amazing how different a person can look after spending a week with experts in various different fields.

To demonstrate and celebrate this, we’ve compiled the best transformations based on the handy work that Tan and Jonathan put in over Queer Eye’s five seasons.

9. Leo – Unleash the Sexy Beast

Did he arguably look happier and healthier better before his transformation? Don’t want to talk about it. Does his hair look 10,000 times better? For sure.

8. Jennifer – Silver Lining Sweeney

Jennifer appeared on the latest season of Queer Eye, so avert your gaze if you don’t wish for spoilers.

To be fair she was already beautiful before her makeover, but she got hair her did and got some new clothing which just took things to ANOTHER LEVEL.

7. Neal – Saving Sasquatch

Yup, now we’re talking. Neal was referred to as a bit of a loner and “Sasquatch” at first before Johnathan took the clippers to him and revealed the cutesy face beneath – and just look at him!

The haircut alone has taken several years off him, and there’s another floral shirt courtesy of Tan. In fact, if this list proves anything, it’s that Tan loves check and floral shirts.

6. Kevin – Father of the Bride

Again, skip past if you haven’t seen the latest season of Queer Eye.

Tears. Literal tears. Not all of us get a dad that loves them as much as Kevin loves his own daughter, and it’s genuinely lovely to see. He gets the full works, including a new set of gnashers and dancing lessons to ensure that he’s fully ready for his daughter’s wedding – and the proof is in the pudding – he looks fantastic!

5. Deborah and Mary – Jones Bar-B-Q

What can I say? These two had a lot done, including a costly dentist job, but it was all worth it in the end – not only have they been physically transformed, but their product got so much advertising from the show that sales supposedly went “through the roof“.

Wonder if they’re any relation to Jones Barbecue and foot massage (if you don’t get that reference, please click).

4. William – A Decent Proposal

I don’t think I’d be particularly dramatic in saying that losing those glasses was probably one of the most awe-inspiring things that I’ve witnessed in my 23 years. Everything that could possibly be changed about William has been, when the before and after photos are compared. Nice new hairdo, *better* dress sense and a good beard trim has done him very well.

3. Wesley – Disabled but Not Really

They really ought to get more people on Queer Eye with lots of hair, because it just makes for the wildest transitions. Wesley was shot several times at the age of 24 and became paralysed, asking for the help of the Queer Eye boys to help him gain more independence.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. HOW DO YOU GROW A BEARD THAT INCREDIBLY LONG?! You could turn his head upside down 180 degrees but keep the face the same way round, and he’d still look perfectly normal. Aside from that, Wesley fully glowed up.

2. Bobby – Camp Rules

If you’ll remember, Bobby from the episode “Camp Rules” is a father of six, and it’s written all over his face on the left. The Fab Five get their hands on him and, welp, what can we say? He quickly goes from Sunday school teacher to “keep your lady the fuck away from him” in the space of just one episode.

Never hath so little seemingly been done to produce such miraculous results but shit, my guy looks like he’s dropped several pounds and changed into James Bond’s second cousin twice removed. Bobby, you are an entire-ass king.

1. Tom – You Can’t Fix Ugly

Okay, perhaps I lied a little with exclusively physical transformations, but how could we not put Tom in first place? It would be an absolute crime not to. What do we have here? New glasses, slight beard trim and he’s lost the hat. Not a lot, right?

Wrong, because it goes so much deeper. This episode had it all – the backstory of his lost love, the transformation. There can still be awkwardness with the men sometimes appear on the show, but Tom not only through himself into proceedings but resultantly got the most out of it.

“The most” being the renewed relationship with his ex-wife, Abby. His turn around reignited a flame in their relationship, and they are now remarried. You may not be able to fix ugly, but you certainly never were that, Tom.

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