People should wear a face mask during sex, researchers suggest


A new study by researchers at Harvard suggests couples should wear face masks whilst having sex to reduce to spread of coronavirus.

This new advice is the result of the study into the safest methods of having sex during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s now illegal to have sex with someone from outside your household, but if you’re one of the lucky couples isolating together, then strap on a mask whilst shagging to reduce the chance of coronavirus.

Harvard gave their advice on how to avoid catching coronavirus whilst having sex and it’s just not masks you should be using. They suggest avoiding kissing and sexual behaviours with “with a risk for fecal-oral transmission or that involve semen or urine” and they also suggest showering before and after sex.

The Harvard study ranked the different sex scenarios on how likely they are to cause you to catch coronavirus. The top way to avoid is by abstaining followed by masturbation.

In third place on the risk factor is digital sex – so your FaceTime sex sessions. Then it’s followed by sex with someone from your own household and lastly the sex act that will place you at most risk of catching coronavirus is having sex with someone from outside your household.

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