Love Island’s Francesca has been filmed getting into a huge bust-up in a park

Police were called to the scene

Francesca from Love Island has been filmed getting into a huge row with another girl outside a pub over the weekend.

Police were called to the scene of the argument, which is said to have been “over a man”, but Francesca reportedly did not want to press any charges. The video, obtained by MailOnline, shows the other girl lunging towards Francesca who tries to walk away.

Francesca can be seen shouting “you ain’t gonna do anything” as she points at and squares up to the other girl. The police are then seen holding the other girl back. The argument is said to have taken place on Saturday, outside the King Oak pub in High Beech, Epping Forest.

Pictures from the argument show multiple girls, all wearing what looks like the same romper in different colours, pointing and screaming at each other. It’s pretty messy.

A witness to the row told MailOnline: “They appeared to be fighting over some guy. He was on the side and basically telling them to calm down. It didn’t seem right, like they were fighting over him. Francesca was trying to stay calm but when the girl got involved, that’s when she lost it and went for her.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We were called at around 5.10pm on Saturday 30 May, with reports of a disturbance outside the King Oak pub in High Beech. We received information that a large group of people had gathered on green space outside the pub and reports of people fighting. We attended the scene and gave words of advice to people about congregating. They were understanding and left the vicinity without issue or the need for enforcement action.”

It has been confirmed that nobody was injured during the argument.

A spokesperson for Francesca said: “Francesca was approached by two unknown females on Saturday afternoon who began verbally then physically abusing her. In self-defence, Francesca defended herself. The attack was witnessed by the police and Francesca was asked if she wanted to pursue the matter, to which she declined.”

The video can be seen on The Daily Mail website here. 

Just last week, Anna Vakili, also from Love Island, and her sister Mandi were filmed in a “fight” at Hyde Park over the bank holiday weekend. A spokesperson for Anna and her said they were  “hit and punched” and “threatened with illegal weapons” in a “unprovoked violent and verbal attack”.

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