Quiz: How posh are you based on your BBQ?

Halloumi skewers? Defo posh

The sun is out, you can kind of see your friends again and this means only one thing – it’s time to get the BBQ on. Hot dogs, beers and a good old game of rounders, nothing quite beats a British BBQ.

However according to Tatler there is a correct way to have a BBQ and this includes salmon, badminton and strawberries and cream topped with elderflower cordial. Whatever happened to a burger with a slice of plastic cheese?

Your BBQ choices say a lot about you and just how posh you are. What sort of crisps are you having a nibble on? What game is everyone playing after the food? And most importantly what are you getting pissed on? The answers to these question will reveal just how posh you really are.

Take this quiz to see how posh you are based on your BBQ:

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