These are the unis pumping out the most carbon dioxide emissions

Can someone who’s good at maths say if emitting 61 million kilos of CO2 in a year is a good thing?

As unis declare climate emergencies and divest from fossil fuel companies, new data has revealed that they’re still responsible for a hell of a lot of carbon emissions.

Edinburgh, where students voted in February to reject a climate-motivated campus beef ban, tops the league of unis that pump out the most CO2, whilst Oxford will be relieved to not make the top two of the table for once.

Research-intensive London unis Imperial and UCL also feature highly. Manchester rounds out the top five, all of whom are responsible for emitting more than 50 million kilos of CO2 in a year.

The table is based on HESA data collecting an institution’s scope one and two carbon emissions for 2018/19.

Scope one covers direct emissions from activities under the university’s control. Scope two covers indirect emissions from electricity purchased by the university. Scope three emissions – other indirect emissions from activities outside the university’s control – are not included.
Manchester, which ranks fifth on this list, agreed this week to divest from fossil fuels after a sustained student campaign. A number of unis on the list – including Bristol, Cardiff, York, and Nottingham – have declared a “climate emergency” in the past year.

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