Apprentice candidate’s product ads banned after claiming they cure coronavirus

They’ve since been taken down

Remember Daniel Elahi from that car crash of an Apprentice interview? Well he’s now come under fire for claiming his products can cure coronavirus.

Daniel’s company Revival Shots had three adverts taken down from Instagram and Facebook after claiming the shots could “boost immunity” and are a “possible cure for Covid-19”.

The ads posted on Facebook and Instagram said the shots contained 500mg of Vitamin C which is “now being tested in the USA and China as a possible cure for Covid-19”.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the adverts for implying the rehydration sachets that contain vitamin C could cure coronavirus. They said: “We considered the ad therefore implied that consuming Revival Shots could, through their vitamin C content, help to cure COVID-19.”

Another advert posted on Instagram featured a review of the Revival Shots, which said the user’s sore throat had lessened and their headache had stopped after taking the sachet.

The ASA said the ad was taken down as it was posted in April at the height of the pandemic and included symptoms associated with coronavirus that could make customers think the Revival Shot is a cure for those symptoms.

They said: “Given that the ad was posted in mid-April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, referred to symptoms sometimes associated with Covid-19 and the reviewer’s ‘paranoia’ about those symptoms, and included the hashtag ‘staysafe’ which was commonly associated with the pandemic, we considered consumers would understand that the claims in the review were intended to be understood to relate to Covid-19.

“We considered the ad therefore implied that Revival Shots could help to cure Covid-19. We considered that even if the ad was not taken to relate specifically to curing Covid-19 it nonetheless claimed that Revival Shots had cured a headache and sore throat.”

Revival Shots have taken down the three adverts.

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