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Quiz: Which character from White Lines on Netflix are you?

Pls not Zoe

If you’ve been watching White Lines on Netflix, you’ll know it’s an absolute whirlwind. The people are all wild, the plot is totally unhinged and the twists and turns are rapid. Each of the cast is completely different, so have you ever wondered who you are most like? This White Lines character quiz is about to give you all the answers.

We can’t all be everyone’s reliable fav Boxer, unfortunately. Some of us are just destined to be more loose and free-spirited like David, just want to chase our dreams like Axel, or a complete hot mess like Marcus. If all you care about is money and success you’re definitely an Oriol and if you think you’re innocent but you’re definitely not, sorry to break it to you but you’re a Zoe.

It’s time to truly find out which of the characters from White Lines really is your spirit animal – and the results probably won’t be what you expect.

Take this White Lines character quiz to find out who from the show you are:

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