These 41 ‘my plans, 2020’ memes prove everyone’s year is a disaster

Just hit fast forward to 2021

Let’s face facts, 2020 was the year we all thought we were going to get our shit together. Graduate, travel, finally get with that fit guy in your seminar. It was the year everything good was going to happen and 2020 is just a perfect well rounded number that was filled with so much hope and promise. And then coronavirus happened and everything has gone tits up.

The one thing that we can all agree on though is that it sucks for everyone and Twitter has made a load of memes to compensate for it. The “my plans 2020” memes are everywhere and perfectly encapsulate the mood. Full of political, soap opera and Netflix references these memes effectively demonstrate how everyone’s hopes and dreams have come crashing down with just two hilarious pictures.

These are the funniest 41 “my plans 2020” memes:

1.This is not the way I planned for things to happen

2. Literally the sound of 2020

3. Enjoy the money Jane x

4. Sharpay was actually the victim the whole time

5. This cut deep

6. Hahhahaa

7. Me and the watermelon are one

8. Iconic

9. Normal People is all that’s saved us

10. If only she’d picked up the damn phone

11. Wow.

12. Actual car crash of a year

13. What???

14. A classic

15. There was room for two on that door

16. To top off the year, my favourite snack is now ruined

17. Tbf 2019 was also pretty bad

18. Not the way I saw things going

19. Relegated to the back benches

20. Just never going to get Maeve are you Otis?

21. Such a pain

22. Please just let me out

23. Her face is my face

24. What a time to be alive

25. I’m done with this year

26. 2020 really threw us a curveball

27. I just wanna be drunk with my friends in the sun

28. Still not going to have any plans

29. Tbh last year’s finale was more of a disaster than 2020

30. Could never forgive Amy for this

31. How was she meant to be 26??

32. That’s what you think

33. So good

34. Awks

35. Miranda would not deal with Covid-19 well

36. Savage

37. I am obsessed with these now

38. We are all Ian’s melted baked Alaska dumped in a bin at this point

39. This hit real hard

40. Just take me out

41. Some things never change

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