Oh my Christ! Pam is hosting a Gavin and Stacey quiz on Thursday!

Will it be as difficult as our quiz though?

Alison Steadman, aka THE Pam from Gavin and Stacey, is hosting a quiz for charity this Thursday 21st May.

The quiz is all Gavin and Stacey trivia questions and is taking place at 8:15pm. The quiz is aiming to raise money for the Marie Curie charity, which provides care and support to terminally ill people and their families.

Alison spoke on This Morning about hosting the quiz and praised the amazing Marie Curie nurses.

She said: “Marie Curie are desperate for some funds in this awful time we are living in. Charities are losing money. Marie Curie needs to make £2.5 million a week to keep nine hospices going and keep their amazing nurses and staff going.”

via BBC

Matthew Horne, who plays Gavin, will also be joining Alison to host the quiz. It’s completely free to join Pam and her Little Prince for the quiz but they are asking for donations for Marie Curie.

If you donate you’re entered into a prize draw to potentially win some prizes. If you don’t donate, you just win knowing you are a supreme Gavin and Stacey super fan. But £5 to spend your night with Pam? I’m donating in a heartbeat.

The Gavin and Stacey quiz is one in a series of pub quizzes hosted by celebrities for Marie Curie. Basil Brush has previously hosted a nostalgia quiz, Paul Chuckle hosted a kids TV quiz a few weeks ago and Mel Giedroyc ran a Eurovision quiz as well.

To join Pam for the Gavin and Stacey charity quiz, visit the Marie Curie website.

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