Introducing ‘jazz legs’, the pose taking over your Instagram feed

Giving you super long legs

Have you been on Instagram lately and noticed influencers are doing a particular pose which gives the illusion of having the longest legs ever? Well meet the “jazz legs”, the new Instagram pose which shows that not even a global pandemic could stop fashion girls coming up with a new trend.

First started out by the supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, she has perfected this pose of slightly leaning back and then extending the front leg. It’s kinda like when Elle Woods stuck out her legs really long doing the bend and snap, and now it’s taking over Instagram.

via Instagram @rosiehw

Though Jazz Legs has been around for a while thanks to Rosie, there’s now an official name for it and it’s popping off during lockdown.

via Instagram @smythsisters

What is jazz legs?

Jazz legs is the new Instagram pose that everyone is using in lockdown. When mirror selfies are the only option to make your grid still look good, girls are relying on the jazz legs to give their mirror selfies an edge. It gives the illusion of super long legs, even if you’re wearing baggy trousers and let’s face it, no one has got out of their sweatpants since March.

via Instagram @hannahlewisstylist

How do I master the jazz legs pose?

It’s so easy to nail the jazz legs pose. Lean on your back leg and bend it slightly and then keep your front leg straight and forward and point your toes.

via Instagram @meganellaby

Where did the term come from?

WhoWhatWear coined the name for the pose because the shape reminded them of a dance move. Stylist has referred to it as the “hokey cokey legs” because of the in and out shape. Honestly, they’re both pretty crap names that don’t do justice to the perfect pose that gives the illusion of uber long legs. Maybe the lean and bop instead?

via Instagram @CamilleCharriere

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