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Quiz: Which character from season two of Dead To Me are you?

We’re all a little bit of Shandy

It’s pretty much impossible to watch Dead To Me on Netflix and not become obsessed. The twists, the turns, the darkness and the humour all combined make it pretty much the *chef’s kiss* of binge watchable series. So if you’re really hooked, you’ve probably wondered which Dead To Me character you truly are – and found yourself looking for this quiz.

Are you caring and have a heart of gold like Michelle? Fun and everyone’s sassy fav like Christopher? Or a bit ditsy and all over the place but nonetheless an all round great time like Karen? This Dead To Me character quiz is about to tell you which person from season two you are most aligned with, which if you ask me is vital information.

Grab yourself an orange wine and get stuck in. And if you get Shandy, take a long and hard look at yourself.

Take this Dead To Me character quiz to find out who you are most like:

If that wasn’t enough and you’re still wondering the real question of if you’re more Jen or Judy, find out here.

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