These are the ways lockdown could be relaxed on Monday

Looks like we might be allowed to sunbathe in parks!!!

When Boris Johnson unveils the next phase of lockdown at 7pm on Sunday it’s all but certain it’ll be extended, but with some rules relaxed.

People are getting excited at how Monday might bring the end of lockdown.

But remember: at least 30,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the UK. 649 people died yesterday. Official statistics almost certainly underestimate the true number. This is far from over, and any suggestion Monday will be a return to normal is at odds with the grim reality.

However, speculation has swirled as to what might change for Monday. Newspapers are splashing with various claims, briefed by various senior government sources. Here’s a rundown.

Sunbathing and sitting in parks should be allowed

This is good for two reasons. One, we can sit in parks. Two, we don’t have to suffer through pictures taken by absolute cops trying to shame others for being outside.

As long as social distancing is obeyed, picnics look set to be permitted, as will sitting on park benches. Downing Street has confirmed these reports, say Politico, so be fairly confident in it.

However, the Sun have spoken to a “senior source” who suggests Britain can have a little sunbathing, as a treat, rather than because of The Science. “The PM wants people to know that all the effort they’ve put in is delivering progress, that six weeks of doing nothing has been worthwhile,” the source says.

You might be able go for as many runs as you want

In my case, this will still be zero. But, along with the easing of restrictions on chilling outside, unlimited runs are likely to be permitted. Or whatever form of outdoor exercise takes your fancy.

Gyms almost definitely aren’t going to reopen

This is hardly going to come as a shock. “Playgrounds and gyms, and outdoor gyms will be the sort of things that will come in at a later point, because there’s an increased risk of infection,” a government source told the Telegraph.

You might not be able to sit in the front seat of a taxi

Sitting in the front seat of a taxi is usually the short straw – your mates take the back seats and you try and appear not too drunk to the driver.

Under new rules, this could be banned, with social distancing enforced in taxis. Draft guidance seen by the Sun says passengers should sit in the back, on the opposite side to the driver.

However, with no pubs or clubs to go to, it’s unlikely many of us will have reason to use taxis as much.

What we don’t know

A review of the lockdown rules is being carried out today, so the government itself probably doesn’t even know the full details yet. Treat this leaking with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Pubs, clubs, and a widespread reboot of the economy look some way away. A government source told The Guardian: “We just aren’t in a space of significant changes at all.”

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