People are dragging celebs ‘supposed’ Met Gala outfits for 2020 and I am LIVING

The Britney one oh my God

The Met Gala was supposed to be yesterday evening, but it was cancelled for obvious reasons. As a result, our hearts are collectively bleeding over the loss of celebrity outfits to pick apart this morning while we sit in our trackies and PJ tops. Some stars have revealed the outfits they were supposed to wear, though, giving us a little peek into what could have been. The best of these was Rihanna’s supposed outfit.

These pictures were then reposted with basically every other celebrities names attached. It became Beyonce’s outfit. And Taylor Swift’s. And Harry Styles’.

It sparked a barrage of memes, claiming to be celebrities leaked outfits for this year’s Met Ball. From Britney’s signature smokey eye and, uh, hot pants – to Shawn Mendes consistently weak efforts and Lily Allen’s awfully iconic trainer/dress combos, here are some of the best.

1. It will always amaze me how Lana Del Rey flips from flower crown royalty to ugly soccer mom chic

2. Ah, horrible. But for Ariana that silhouette is not unlikely. I’m just putting that out there

3. Iconic king omg doing the absolute most! How did he come up with that outfit idea! You really have to love the straights sometimes x

4. Oh Britney, honey. They right tho.

5. Mmmm this tea tastes impeccable

6. A timeless piece of fashion history

7. Now THIS is one I can get behind

8. This isn’t a fake celeb outfit but it was a serve and we can’t forget it

9. This hurt my eyes

10. Too far! You took it too far!

11. Kinda rate that possum howling at the moon vest uno

12. The accuracy… you really have to laugh

13. And I would still fancy her

14. Ok at least this one is believable. I love Twitter

15. I take it back I hate Twitter

16. I’d back this if he did it

17. This is homophobic. Delete this

18. Where’s the lie though

19. I truly. Wholeheartedly. Completely. Believe this

20. *Audible sobbing* hahaha *sobs louder* it’s so funny becau- *sniffs loudly* it’s true hahah

21. Ok this one cheered me up

22. We can have Shawn Mendes on here twice because it’s just a good drag

23. The true King of the Met ball

24. Not an outfit but it’s only right to end with this

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